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    "The so-called mastermind concept is the outcome of years of research made by Napoleon Hill, back in early twentieth. Having learnt to use it as to integrate providers and partners within my teams, I have realized that a mastermind brings about a collective intelligence that potentializes any intention, in particular, win-win interactions "

     Mayra Castro

    Partnership & connections



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    I am enthusiastic about making things happen and I take a lot of pride in using my passion to connect interests, values and people from different cultures and fields.


    I am driven by challenge and I strongly believe that rational and emotional intelligence are essential to bring about the best solutions for anything I wish to come true. 


    My mission is to make partnerships and connect people to build new projects that generate value and impact.   


    I am a native from Amazônia, I am lawyer with a Master degree in International European Law by University of Geneva, in Switzerland. I am curious by nature, connector by choice and diplomacia by belief. 

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    The Greek symbol of Strategy represents me in every sense of my life where an arrow points forward and an X determines the result. Wherever I go it comes with me and matches my values as an entrepreneur.  



    Project design I connections strategies I Partnership development I Amazônia        

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    What they say about Mayra Castro

    If you need a trustful person with innovative ideas and capable of creating a network, and who has easy access – in addition to being friendly – Mayra Castro is the right person. As a former Swiss Ambassador to Brazil, I had the privilege of working with Mayra Castro when she was swissnex director in São Paulo”


    Andre Régli - Ambassador of Switzerland